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Alcoholism is one of the biggest problems in the world that causes a negative impact among the people in the society. It is responsible for many deaths, accidents and violence around the world. The world of medicine provides it a priority for medical interventions. Due to the lack of prompt treatment, not only alcoholic but everyone involved with him suffers. Therefore, proper counseling is required that involves rehabilitating the family members of the alcoholic as the family of alcoholic plays an important role in the healing process.

The medical way of alcohol treatment requires various drugs to diminish the alcohol withdrawal manifestations where physiological manifestations like anti-consultants, sedatives, relaxants and anti psychotics can also occur. Drugs like benzodiazepine, antabuse, disulfuram, detox, etc. are given to counteract anxiety, seizures and restlessness of the alcoholics. This medication increases the body's ability to reduce acetaldehyde which is responsible for a hangover. This medication is successful in abstaining an alcoholic.

Rehabilitation and psychotherapy is provided through rehabilitation centers and alcoholic support groups to alcoholics by discussions and non professional counseling along with emotional assistance and support. Both psychiatric and medical interventions must be executed properly for better effects on alcoholic. The people having alcoholics in the family know the ill effects of alcoholism like lack of money, developing unhealthy habits, irresponsible behavior towards family or losing a job of an alcoholic. The right attitude and perseverance helps fighting off with this dreaded problem.

An alcoholic can engage himself in sports, traveling, meeting people or participating in social events and recreational activities. He must stay away from people and places that encourage him for drinking. He must completely distance himself from the situations that can tempt him to drink so that he can slowly forget his habits of drinking and his urge to drink will be reduced. He can seek support from his family, friends, support groups, organizations, doctor, counselors and therapists. He should have a healthy diet, herbs and fruits to curb cravings for alcohol. Alcoholism is not an easy problem to fight but if a person is determined and aware of the strategies to combat this addiction, he can surely achieve the purpose of getting treated and to reverse the ill effects of alcohol.

The factors that cause alcoholism can be social, physiological or genetic. The common symptoms are craving for alcohol, talkativeness, loss of control, nausea, dizziness, vomiting, physical dependence and tolerance that leads to physical, emotional and psychological effects like liver disease, being detached from people, etc. Prolonged use of alcohol leads to depression, liver cirrhosis, heart failure, high blood pressure, damage to vital organs, sexual dysfunctions and damage to the nervous system.

Alcoholism must be treated effectively and immediately because an alcoholic can lose his job, fail to earn money, expose his family to problems affecting their livelihood, failing to fulfill his responsibilities towards his family and society. Therefore, we must try our best to avoid becoming an alcoholic if we have responsibilities to fulfill for our family and society.